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Vicky Chebib

Vicky Chebib

Partner & Chief Financial Officer

Graduated from Saint Joseph University (USJ) – Faculty of Business and Management (FGM) on 2003. Vicky started her career in November 2003 at the chamber of Commerce, Agriculture and Industry of Zahleh and the Bekaa, working in the finance team of the Agricultural Department for 13 years.

Vicky worked on multiple agricultural projects with the private sector, the public sector and with NGOs.
While working in the chamber of commerce, Vicky attended multiple trainings covering a wide range of topics such as Accounting management, audit, Marketing, Communication skills, food safety, and many others.

Following 13 years with the chamber of commerce, Vicky decided to step into a new challenge and joined her own family business to run the Finance department as the Chief Financial Officer for Agrifresh leading a team of 4 people.